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Rest API SDK for Python Get code

Code by ThoughtSpot

BETA - Uses API V2

The official Rest API SDK for Python developers.

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Installation instructions

Install the SDK

You must have Python 3 >=3.7, <= 3.9 installed on your system to use this SDK. This SDK package depends on other Python packages like nose, jsonpickle etc. These dependencies are defined in the requirements.txt file that comes with the SDK. To resolve these dependencies, you can use the PIP Dependency manager. Install it by using the following steps.

Python and PIP executables should be defined in your PATH. Open command prompt and type pip --version. This should display the version of the PIP Dependency Manager installed if your installation was successful and the paths are properly defined.

To install the dependencies create requirements.txt with content thoughtspot-rest-api-sdk, run the command echo thoughtspot-rest-api-sdk > requirements.txt.

Next, run the command pip install -r requirements.txt. This should install all the required dependencies.

To install the SDK, run the command pip install thoughtspot-rest-api-sdk at the command line.

Live Playground

We recommend that you browse through the code playground before you start constructing your API requests. The playground offers an interactive portal with comprehensive information about the API endpoints, request and response workflows.

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