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This app is an example react-based app for embedding D3 charts using Thoughtspot Search Rest API. It is designed to work with the Sample Retail Apparel dataset included with the ThoughtSpot Free Trial account.

It contains example code for:

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Installation instructions

Sign up for Free Trial account

You will need a ThoughtSpot Free Trial account here.

Clone Github Repo

Clone the ThoughtSpot Quickstarts repo.

git clone[YOUR_REPO].git

Change directories to [YOUR_DIRECTORY]

Install dependencies

npm install

Run the app

You can define environment variables and launch directly as follows:


Or you can define your variables in a local .env file (one has been provided in this project. Simply rename dotenv to .env and add your values) and run:

npm start

Once the app is running, you can navigate to http://localhost:8000 to check it out. Try navigating to one of the subpages via the hamburger menu.


This app uses the sample retail dataset which comes preloaded with your ThoughtSpot free trail environment. Within each example chart, a worksheet id and search term is included. You can play with these values to retrieve your own data and then change field mapping to the D3 chart.

const worksheetID = "cd252e5c-b552-49a8-821d-3eadaa049cca"; const search = "[sales] [item type]";

Charts included

The following charts are included, with all code in the components folder.

Bar Chart


Interactive Radar

Pie Chart

Radial Stacked Bar


Bubble Map

State Choropleth

Word Cloud

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