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Code by ThoughtSpot

CS Tools is a utility written by the ThoughtSpot Professional Services & Customer Success organizations, meant to augment built-in platform tools, help with administration of and enhance adoption within your ThoughtSpot environment.

  • Low-fuss distribution and installation
  • Enhanced security with remote TQL and tsload workflows
  • Installs and runs on MacOS, Linux, and Windows
  • Multiple-cluster support (Dev, QA, Prod)
  • SpotApps distribution for data tools
  • Scheduler-friendly execution
  • ThoughtSpot SpotApp

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Installation instructions


Ensure that you have Python v3.6.8 or greater installed on your local machine.

Installation steps

To install cs_tools on your machine, you'll want to download our pre-built distribution. This is a compressed directory containing all the files necessary to set up the environment. Instructions per platform are included here.

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