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Keboola Shopify Template Get code

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Create a set of ThoughtSpot visualizations based on Shopify data hosted in Snowflake. Analyze orders, product margins, customer lifetime value, and customer segments based on RFM scores. Optionally, include popular advertising platforms such as Google and Facebook Ads to gain marketing insight.

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Installation instructions

Step 1

Create the template inside of Keboola

To get started, follow this link - to sign up for a free account from Keboola if you don't have one already.

After logging into Keboola, select the menu option called "Use Cases" From the list of available Use Cases, select "Shopify Analytics for Thoughtspot" Be sure to read through the details section for any special instructions that need to be followed. if you plan on using a Keboola-provisioned Snowflake, select keboola provided DWH, and follow instructions in keboola. Click on "Use Template" and give it a name A new template will be created and populated with the necessary components. In the editor, authorize your Shopify account using an API token Optionally, authorize any additional advertising platforms in order to include marketing insights Choose your destination Run your flow! This video provides a step-by-step guide for how to work with Keboola Use Case Templates using Google Analytics as an example. Data Templates Video

Step 2

Connect to ThoughtSpot & Import the TML

Navigate to ThoughtSpot and add a new connection Enter the credentials of the destination chosen in the Flow Automatically update the TML files with your own database and schema using this ğŸŽˆ Streamlit App (or, run the app locally by cloning this repository) Upload the resulting .zip file to ThoughtSpot

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