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Redshift Storage & Performance Get code

Code by ThoughtSpot

ThoughtSpot has selected the tables most meaningful for analyzing storage and performance trends and made this data easily searchable via ThoughtSpot.


  • Clusters
  • Storage by Table
  • Query History
  • Errors
  • Alerts
  • Active Queries
  • Active Sessions


  • Amazon Redshift: Management Dashboard
  • Amazon Redshift: Performance and Consumption

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Installation instructions

Once you have downloaded the Zip file and have verified its contents, the implementation steps are as follows:

  1. Create the necessary views for the SpotApp referenced in the “Redshift Storage & Perform SpotApp pg_catalog Views” section below.
  2. Log into your ThoughtSpot instance and create an Embrace connection to all of the relevant views.
  3. Create all of the required joins between the views.
  4. Import the TML for the worksheets and verify that it has all been imported without any errors.
  5. Import the TML for the pinboard and verify that it has all been imported without any errors.
  6. You are ready to start searching your Redshift data!

Please refer to the README in the GitHub repository for full instructions.

Liveboards Included

Redshift Management Dashboard

Redshift Performance & Consumption

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