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The HubSpot TML Blocks provides sales and marketing analytics Liveboards and ad-hoc search capabilities. Data is extracted from HubSpot using the HubSpot API’s and staged in tables in SnowFlake (or other CDW). A series of views are used to transform the data. ThoughtSpot connects directly to the views using an Embrace connection.

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Installation instructions

Complete the following steps to install this TML Block.


  • Use the DDL Scripts to create the tables and views in SnowFlake. ("SnowFlakeTables Embrace v1.6.sql" and "SnowFlakeViews Embrace v1.6.sql")
  • Load the dim_Date table from the CSV file provided

Extracting Hubspot Data

  • Refer to the "Hubspot Data Extraction.pdf" for the Snowflake Table and the corresponding API Call and Data Items.
  • Using the API calls detailed in the HubSpot Data Extraction.pdf to load the data into the tables using your ETL.


  • Using Embrace connect to the Views specified in the Cloud Data Warehouse section of this guide.
  • Execute the ThoughtSpot script to create the relationships in ThoughtSpot

TML BLocks

Import the workshop zip "HubSpot -" into Thoughtspot. Import the pinboard zip "HubSpot - Liveboards .zip" into Thoughtspot.

Liveboards Included


HubSpot CMO

HubSpot Health

HubSpot Marketing

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