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Visual Embed SDK Get code

Code by ThoughtSpot

The ThoughtSpot Embed SDK allows you to embed the ThoughtSpot search experience, liveboards, visualizations or the even full app version. To get started sign up for a free trail and check out the quickstart guides.

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Installation instructions


Install the Visual Embed SDK from NPM npm i @thoughtspot/visual-embed-sdk

The SDK is compatible with ThoughtSpot SW version >= 7.1 and ThoughtSpot Cloud.


The SDK is written in TypeScript and is also provided both as ES Module (ESM) and Universal Module Definition (UMD) modules, allowing you to use it in a variety of environments. ` // ESM via NPM import * as TsEmbedSDK from '@thoughtspot/visual-embed-sdk'; // OR import { LiveboardEmbed } from '@thoughtspot/visual-embed-sdk';

// NPM ;

// ES6 from web import { LiveboardEmbed, AuthType, init, } from ''; `

Check out the developer guide for detailed information on how to use the SDK in your projects.

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