Build interactive data apps

Everything you need to build sticky and engaging analytics experiences your customers will love.

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Power data apps with the speed and scale of cloud

Run optimized queries in your cloud data warehouse to make analytics apps blazing fast and instantly available to all of your users.

Embed ThoughtSpot
using JavaScript

Use our JavaScript Visual Embed SDK to build an interactive search experience that keeps users coming back for more.

  • Search

    Embed a search-driven experience to let users ask their own data questions

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  • Visualizations

    Learn how to embed ThoughtSpot charts and tables in your app

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  • Liveboards

    Learn how to render liveboards and apply runtime controls in your app

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  • Full App

    Give your users the full ThoughtSpot experience within your app

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Tinker to your heart’s content

Experiment with APIs and SDKs and see changes to your code in real time in the developer playground.

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Push data anywhere
using REST API’s

Query your data and build your own visualizations or even send it to other apps.


    Programmatically query data and manage users, groups, and sessions

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  • Client Libraries

    Add ThoughtSpot to your existing apps or processes using client libraries for the leading programming languages.

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Launch custom
action workflows

Invoke custom actions to let your users take action on the data from anywhere

Connect Business Apps

Create app actions using UI builder to push insights to business apps like Slack, Salesforce, Google sheets, and more.


Use REST API’s to query the data and automatically kick off action workflows

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Customize your user

Apply custom styles and themes to embedded ThoughtSpot content to match the look and feel of your app. Plus adjust user permissions, and turn granular features on and off.

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Automate deployment across environments

Programmatically export, validate, and import scriptable files in ThoughtSpot Modeling Language (TML) that represent your objects in a reusable, editable, and easy-to-read form.

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Share what you’re building, discuss best practices,
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Getting started with ThoughtSpot Everywhere

Learn how to embed ThoughtSpot in your application, experiment with your code in the Developer Playground, and invoke custom actions.

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