ThoughtSpot Embedded Documentation

ThoughtSpot Embedded Documentation

Learn how to use developer tools, APIs, and SDK to embed ThoughtSpot content in your app!

Embed Search

Embed ThoughtSpot search to implement search-driven analytics in your application and help your users find answers instantly!

Embed charts and tables

Embed ThoughtSpot visualizations in your application to empower your users with insights that are easy to read and modify.

Embed Liveboards

Embed Liveboards with visualizations and insights that your users can view, explore, analyze, and act on.

Embed ThoughtSpot app

Embed the full ThoughtSpot experience in your application, including search, charts and tables, automated insights, and Liveboards.

Customize embedded view

Show or hide menu actions, trigger and handle events, add custom buttons, and trigger callback to your host app.

Customize UI

Apply custom styles and themes to the embedded ThoughtSpot UI elements to match the look and feel of your app.