Deprecation announcements

Deprecation announcements

As ThoughtSpot products evolve, sometimes existing features are deprecated and replaced with new and improved functionality.
A deprecated feature may continue to be functional for a while, but may not be maintained or supported with the new workflows and functionality. Deprecated features will eventually be removed from the product and not supported in later releases.

September, 2022🔗

Deprecation of REST API v2 Beta endpoints🔗

The REST API v2 Beta endpoints are deprecated starting from release. The REST API v2 Beta endpoints will remain functional but are not accessible from the REST API Playground page starting from

If your current deployment uses REST API v2 Beta endpoints, your implementation will continue to work. To ensure a smooth transition for early adopters of the REST API v2 Beta feature, ThoughtSpot will roll out the REST API v2.0 endpoints incrementally over the subsequent releases. You can start using the REST API v2.0 endpoints as and when they are Generally Available (GA) and fully qualified for production use cases.


The REST API v2 Beta SDK will be deprecated from onwards. ThoughtSpot does not recommend using REST API SDK to call REST API v2 Beta v2.0 endpoints.

The upcoming REST API v2.0 endpoints and Playground will not support the SDK in the initial release. In later releases, a new version of the SDK will be made available.

Documentation changes🔗

Starting from, the API documentation for the REST API v2 Beta endpoints will not be available on the REST API Playground. For information about the REST API v2 Beta endpoints, see REST API v2 Beta reference.

For information about REST API v2.0 endpoints, refer to the following articles and visit the REST API v2 Playground.