Now available on ThoughtSpot Software!

Now available on ThoughtSpot Software!

ThoughtSpot Software clusters now support embedded analytics with Visual Embed SDK!

Starting from the 8.4.1-sw release, ThoughtSpot Software customers who have a license to embed ThoughtSpot can use Visual Embed SDK to embed ThoughtSpot objects in their apps.

Embedding methods🔗

For information about the embedding options available for your deployments, see Supported embedding methods.

Embedding with Visual Embed SDK🔗

The Visual Embed SDK provides Javascript-based embed packages and client libraries to help you embed the following ThoughtSpot components in your web application:

Developers can also customize embedded objects using the APIs in the SDK:

Supported SDK versions🔗

The minimum SDK version required for embedding ThoughtSpot Software in your app is 1.12.0.

You can upgrade to a later version if required. However, you must exercise caution before upgrading to a new version because the new versions may introduce breaking changes. The new version may also include APIs, methods, and attributes for features that are not yet available on your ThoughtSpot Software release.

For more information about the SDK versions, supported methods and classes, see Visual Embed Changelog and Visual Embed SDK Reference Guide.


REST API v1 operations are supported on ThoughtSpot Software by default. You can make API calls to query data, add and modify ThoughtSpot objects, and perform administrative tasks.

The Develop tab in the UI also allows you to explore REST API v1 and REST API v2 Beta request and response workflows.

For a complete list of endpoints and information about allowed operations, see REST API v1 Reference and REST API v2 BETA Reference.

Feature support matrix🔗

FeatureThoughtSpot Software clusters with ThoughtSpot EmbeddedClusters without ThoughtSpot Embedded or embedding license

Access to Develop tab

(Requires developer or admin privileges)

Visual Embed playground

Visual Embed SDK

Creating an app with ThoughtSpot Search, visualizations, Liveboards, or full application using Visual Embed SDK libraries

The minimum supported version is 1.12.0

Embedding with REST APIs

  • Embedding Liveboards with visualizations

  • Embedding search data

(Basic authentication only)

Authentication options
(For embedded ThoughtSpot instances only)

Basic authentication


Token-based authentication


Basic authentication



(Basic authentication only)

REST API v2 Beta

(Basic authentication only)

REST API Playground Beta

URL-based custom actions

Callback custom actions

UI styles, font, and layout customization

Link customization

Security settings for embedding ThoughtSpot

(CSP, CORS, and SAML Redirect configuration)


An up-to-date version of ThoughtSpot Embedded documentation is available on the Developer Documentation site. To view the documentation specific to the Software release version that your cluster is currently on:

  1. Go to the Develop tab on your cluster.

  2. Click the Guide menu under Visual Embed SDK or REST API.