REST API Playground

REST API Playground

The REST API Playground provides an interactive portal to explore REST API v1 and v2.0 endpoints.

  • To view the Playground with REST API v1 endpoints, click REST Playground v1.

  • To explore REST API v2 endpoints, click REST Playground v2.0.

REST API v1 Playground🔗

The REST Playground v1 opens the v1 API explorer and displays the available resource collections in the Swagger UI.

To make an API call and view results:

  1. Click the API service category and view a list of endpoints.

  2. Click on the endpoint to which you want to send an API request.

  3. If required, define the attributes.

  4. Click Try it out and verify the API response and HTTP status code.

Try it out

For more information about REST API v1 endpoints, API request and response workflow, see Get started with REST API v1.

REST API v2.0 Playground🔗

The REST API v2.0 Playground displays a list of v2 API endpoints, and a code panel to try out API calls.

Try it out

For more information, see REST API v2.0 Playground.