ThoughtSpot REST APIs

ThoughtSpot REST APIs

The ThoughtSpot REST API framework lets you create, access, edit, and manage objects and resources in the ThoughtSpot system programmatically.

ThoughtSpot REST API supports several resource collections and operations in two distinct versions:

  • REST API v1

    The legacy framework with several endpoints to create, edit, administer and manage ThoughtSpot objects and data.

  • REST API v2.0

    The REST API v2.0 framework provides enhanced functionality and improved API experience with an interactive Playground.

For more information about the differences between these two REST API versions, see REST API v1 and v2.0 comparison.

REST API Playground🔗

ThoughtSpot users with Developer or Administrator privileges can access the REST API v1 and v2.0 endpoints in the Develop tab. The portal provides a separate Playground for each REST API version and lets you explore the API endpoints, request and response workflows.

API endpoints🔗

For a complete list of API endpoints and information about how to make an API call to these endpoints, see the following reference pages: