Developer access

Developer access

You will require a user account with Developer privilege to perform the following tasks in ThoughtSpot:

  • Access the Develop tab in ThoughtSpot application.

  • Customize and rebrand the look and feel of ThoughtSpot UI.

  • Add custom actions to a Liveboard or visualization.

  • Customize the format of links used in system-generated emails and notifications.

  • Configure visual embed hosts for CORS and CSP.

ThoughtSpot administrators can create a user group with Developer privilege enabled and assign users to this group. Administrators can configure developer access either using the Admin tab in the UI or the Group REST APIs.

The following sections describe how to configure developer access using the Admin tab in the UI. For information about managing users and groups using REST APIs, see Group APIs and User APIs.

Add a user group for developers๐Ÿ”—

To add a user group with developer privileges:

  1. Log in to ThoughtSpot as an admin user.

  2. Go to Admin > User management > Groups.

    The group configuration page appears.

  3. Click + Add Group.

  4. In the Add a new group dialog, enter the following details:

    Group name

    Name of the group. For example, Developer Group.

    Display name

    Name of the group as it appears in ThoughtSpot. For example, Embed Developer.

    Sharing visibility

    Specify if users can share objects with this group. When set to SHAREABLE, ThoughtSpot allows other users to share objects with the members of this group.


    Optional. Enter a description for the group.


    Select the Has Developer privilege checkbox.

  5. Click Add.

Assign a user to a developer group๐Ÿ”—

To assign a user to a developer group:

  1. Log in to ThoughtSpot.

  2. Go to Admin > Users management > Users.

    The user configuration page appears.

  3. Click + Add User.

  4. In the Add a new user dialog, enter the following details:


    A unique login name for the user. Usernames must be in lowercase.

    Display name

    A unique name for the user. For example, the first and last name of the user.

    Sharing visibility

    Specify if other users can share objects with this user. When set to SHAREABLE, this user is visible in the Share dialog when another user tries to share an object.

    Change password

    A password for the user account.

    Confirm password

    Enter the password again.


    The userโ€™s email address. ThoughtSpot uses this email address for notifications.

    Make sure the domain address of the email provider is added to the CSP allowed list on the Develop > Security Settings page.
    Send a welcome email

    Optional. When checked, this option ensures that the new user receives a welcome email.

    Email message text

    Optional. Enter the text to use in the welcome email.


    Select a group that has the Developer privilege enabled.

  5. Click Add.