Customize onboarding settings

Customize onboarding settings

If you have embedded Thoughtspot in your host application, you can rebrand the welcome email text, customize the product name in scheduled email notifications, and onboarding experience for new users.


If you want your ThoughtSpot instance to send email notifications with a custom domain name and a specific sender ID, contact ThoughtSpot Support.

To send email notifications from a specific email account with your domain, update the Custom admin email and From ID fields in the Admin > Application settings > Onboarding page, and contact ThoughtSpot Support to enable these settings for your application instance.

To customize email settings and the onboarding experience, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to ThoughtSpot as an admin user.

  2. Go to Admin > Application settings > Onboarding.

  3. Click Edit.

  4. Configure the following parameters as per your requirement.

    Welcome email

    Enable or disable welcome emails. When enabled, ThoughtSpot sends welcome emails to all new users.

    Company name

    Your company name. The default value is Your Company.

    Custom admin email

    The email address of the ThoughtSpot administrator.

    From ID

    The email address from which the email notifications are sent. The default is TS Admin <[email protected]>.

    Support email ID

    The email address of your organization’s Support contact.

    Learn More link

    A link for users to learn more about ThoughtSpot, or your organization’s implementation of ThoughtSpot. The default link is

    Product name

    The name of the product to use in email notifications; for example, Liveboard sharing, Liveboard job schedule, or Liveboard subscription notifications. If you specify a product name, these email notifications will show the product name as shown here:

    Visit <product-name> to view this Liveboard.

    If the product name is not defined, the email notifications will show ThoughtSpot as the product name.

    Get started link

    A link to allow users to get started with the product. By default, this link points users to the cluster to which they are added.

    Custom message

    The message text to use in the email notifications.

  5. Click Save changes.